Friday, October 31, 2008

Mathematics test parctice for Junior High School, SMP Class 7

1 year test, complete practice from semester 1 until final semester, this test sheet special for junior High School, class 7, convert in PDF and ready to print format by Soal UAN admin, the source of this soal is from Buku Electronik Sekolah, Mathematics for Junior High School by Atik.

it's consist more than 20 page of various mathematics problems, it's very useful to teacher and student that looking for mathematics test.

all document format is in PDF, download it from link below
Mathematics test sheet for Junior High School Class 7 Download

after download open it using adobe acrobat reader or other pdf reader


Aang Andhika said...

tetap berbagi pengetahuan bagi kecerdasan anak cucu, semoga sekaligus mendapat nilai ibadah. amin

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