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English Language

English is a West Germanic language originating in England, and the first language for most people in Australia, Canada, the Commonwealth Caribbean, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States (also commonly known as the Anglosphere). It is used extensively as a second language and as an official language throughout the world, especially in Commonwealth countries such as India, Pakistan and South Africa, and in many international organisations.

Modern English is sometimes described as the global lingua franca. English is the dominant international language in communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment and diplomacy.The influence of the British Empire is the primary reason for the initial spread of the language far beyond the British Isles. Following World War II, the growing economic and cultural influence of the United States has significantly accelerated the spread of the language.

Because a working knowledge of English is required in certain fields, professions, and occupations, English is studied and spoken by up to a billion people around the world, to at least a basic level (see English language learning and teaching). English is one of six official working languages of the United Nations.

and there is a link of English language test
Junior High School

English Language Final Exam 1
English Language Final Exam 2
English Language Final Exam 3
English Language Final Exam 4
English Language Final Exam 5

English Language Packet 1
English Language Packet 2


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Senior High School

soal - soal Final Exam (UNAS) untuk SMA/MTS

English Language For Science Program Class - Program IPA
English Language For Social Program Class Packet 1 - Program IPS
English Language For Social Program Class Packet 2 - Program IPS

English Language for IPA-IPS Packet 1

English for IPA and IPS Program - Kelas IPA dan IPS
English for Bahasa Program Class - Kelas Bahasa


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