Thursday, September 4, 2008

End of Year Mathematics Test for Elementary School (SD)

End of Year Mathematics Test for Elementary School (SD) that's mean soal latihan akhir tahun untuk SD is special provide from BSE (Electronic Book School) from Indonesian Education Ministry.
at embed object below we can learn and practice mathematics major for elemntary school begin with geometry test, basic arithmetic, basic statistical like bar diagram, ball diagram, averages, basic shape of geometry, basic unit conversation from SI to Metric like meter to centimeter, from millimeter to kilometer and others
this document also include the answer sheet

you can read online by opening embed object below, or download by clicking link below

Download Online

if you prefer to read online, below we provide online reading powered by scribs but your browser must has been installed latest adobe flash

Read this document on Scribd: soal akhir tahun SD


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