Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kumpulan Soal and Prediksi SNMPTN 2009 at kumpulansoal.org

after UAN or UN for senior high school, student must try to past one more exam again, it's exam for enter State University In Indonesia, that now call SNM PTN, for those reason one of famous provider exam practice in Indonesia kumpulansoal.org, provide prediction and exam practice, you can download directly from link below

Basic Test / Kemampuan Dasar / First Day
1. Basic Mathematics / Matematika Dasar
2. Bahasa Indonesia
3. English Language / Bahasa Ingris

IPA / Science
1. Biology

IPS / Social
1.History / Sejarah
2. geography

hope this link usefull for senior high student


media sukses said...

buat temen2 yg pingin latihan pake software ujian gratis, bisa minta di www.saudagar.web.id

SPMB CPNS said...

makasie soalnya gan

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