Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Junior High School (SMP) - complete mathematics test pratice

The following are a selection of questions for junior high school, created by Zurick Zaryan, from educational institutions SSC, in this document you can learn in advance about the theory will be tested, you can learn from the set, numbers, basic algebraic operations, then the question of equality and inequality, relationships, math functions, then about arithmetical test, line, angles, congruency, a matter of chapter V will provide training on a flat wake, then the question of the circle and up the space, and the last question is the transformation, change and statistics

(soal ini hasil karya dari pengajar SSC Bintaro, khusus memberikan latihan soal dan sedikit pembahasan serta teori dari soal yang ditampilkan untuk siswa SMP).

Sample of Tutorial set and number


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