Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bahasa Indonesia Ujian Nasional 2005 for SMP (Nasional Test Indonesia Language for Junior High School)

Soal Bahasa Indonesia Ujian Nasional untuk SMP (UAN, UNAS, UN, soal ujian, prediksi soal, latihan soal, soal SMP)
about Indonesian to junior high in 2005, this matter is a adapted from questions about Indonesian for the national exam in 2005, consists of 60 questions, you must complete the questions on literature, sentence structure, vocabulary, rhymes, poems, short stories and fragments forth.sentence as expressing an opinion, ask questions, complete sentences, and then corrected bibliography writing correct, the composition of the opening sentence of the invitation, application letters, speeches, school, and learn to finish preparing the list of events, and the use of prefixes, affixes and suffixes are correct.

Lebih Jelasnya, silahkan baca secara langsung di bawah dan download pada link dibawah berikut, anda perlu adobe flash 9 atau lebih untuk membaca secara online di browser
Selamat Belajar !!

Bahasa SMP 2005


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