Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prediksi soal dan pembahasan Mathematics UN 2010-2011 SMP, Mathematics for Junior

math for junior high school consists of various types of problems, especially for the national exam, there are several questions that often come out to diujiakan, so that by looking at the matter from year to year we can predict problems that will arise.
The following documents are predictions about the UN (National Exam) for the years 2010-2011, written by a teacher at Junior High School 7 Wonogiri consist of several kinds of questions, among others
- Calculating the operating result plus, less, for and times for a number.
- Calculate the fraction
- Scale and comparison
- Calculation for the sale and purchase
- Calculation of the line numbers
- Quadratic forms of algebraic
- Form factor algebra
- Solving one variable linear

Download and read in embed document below

Soal dan pembahasan latihan UN Matematika th. 2010 -


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