Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soal Ujian Nasional (UN/UAN) IPA 2010 for SMP/MTS type B

The next question was related to an earlier post of National Exam (UN / UAN), IPA 2010 for SMP / MTS type A, this time our team brings about type B, not much different but very important indeed as a comparison material.

n this post you can download the national exam which was held in 2010, hOPE this matter can be an exercise for students to prepare them for national examinations in 2011. you can learn skills such as ecosystems, method of reproduction, adaptation, the rotation of the earth, day and night, until the basic physics formulas, such as Newton's law, the legal movement of objects, acceleration and velocity, gravity and so forth.
please download these questions on the following link below, the file is quite large (4-5Mb) so please be patient in downloading, will likely take a while


Harap bersabar ketika mendownload ukuran file tergolong besar 4-5Mb


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