Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Soal Matematika 2000-2007 UAN SMP

Kumpulan soal matematika Ujian Nasional SMP, tahun 2000-2007,
junior high math is often out among others
penyerdehanaan quadratic form, equation of tangent line, and line the field equations, the theory of inverse ratio, speed, vast inequalities, square root, multiplication of fractions, Venn diagrams, graphs, basic statistics, the equation of parallel lines, Pythagoras, triangular theory, components and space fields, such as ribs, the number of sides, angles between the ribs, the angle of the diagonal line, the surface area of ​​fields such as limas, circles, spheres and not less interesting is the statistical diagrams, such as bar charts, pie charts


or Download in each file on embed object below


oky said...

makasih...atas postingannya...
q dah download semua...

ayu_excel said...

makacih,, uda aqu download. oea,, kalau ditambah pembahasannya ada ga?

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