Monday, February 4, 2008

Soal - Chemistry (Prediksi - Kimia) Test Prediction for UAN 2008

UAN or Ujian Akhir Nasional will held soon, this test prediction of chemistry (prediksi kimia) is very useful to make you more ready and confident in UAN 2008, just click at the link at last of posting, you will download soal test Prediction of chemistry for UAN 2008.

the test contains various major problems like :

1. Matter, changes, energy and measurement
2. Atomic structure and periodicity
3. Chemical bonding, formulas and naming of compounds
4. Problem solving and chemical quantities
5. Chemical reactions and stoichiometry
6. States of matter and the gas laws
7. Water, aqueous solutions and properties of solutions
8. Reaction rates and equilibrium
9. Acids, bases, salts and neutralization
10. Oxidation-reduction reactions
11. The chemistry of metals and nonmetals
12. Nuclear chemistry
13. Hydrocarbon compounds, functional groups and organic reactions.

this prediction soal or test classify based from previous soal or test of UAN, and based from curriculum of Senior High School in Indonesia,


this test prediction based from work of


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