Tuesday, February 26, 2008

English Test Exercise for UAN SMA 2008

English language is are one of major problems in UAN for Senior High School in Indonesia, like the others major, more you take exercise by try to answers various type of English language problems. you will more ready to get and pass the UAN.

This English test exercise consists of 50 number of problems, with 9 reading test, then grammar test, sentence test, main idea of paragraph test, vocabulary and others.
The reading theme are
1. Columbus of Cosmos, Yuri Gargarin.
2. Aeroplane
3. Software and Computer Relation.
4. Chloroplasts of plants.
5. Carbohydrates and diet effect.
6. Caffeine.
7. Napoleon Bonaparte.
8. Habits and Time.
9. Pilot and weathers.

1. then Look the sample grammar test below
I told Him ...
a. to take the first turning to the left.
b. take the first turning to left.
c. you take the first turning to left.
d. taking the first turning to the left.
e. that he takes the first turning to the left.

2. a few days after the interview, i received a letter ..... me the job.
a. he offered.
b. offered.
c. being offered.
d. offering.
e. it was offering.

English test exercise for UAN SMA 2008


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