Tuesday, April 15, 2008

English Language test for Junior High School (SMP) 2002/2003

Language test SMP 2002/2003 is good for prediction and practice for newest UAN test, here the same contain sample test of grammar

Edo : ..., sir. I come late.
Teacher : That's all right. Go to your seat.
a. Let me explain
b. I'm sorry
c. I'm happy
d. Sorry to trouble you

Susanti : Can I have some apples, please?
Salesman : ・do you want?
Susanti : The Australian ones, please!
a. How many
b. How many
c. Which
d. What

Utomo : I think this shirt needs ironing.
Rika : No, I ・it. Touch it. It痴 still warm.
a. iron
b. will iron
c. am ironing
d. have ironed

Mr. Blake : Is there a hotel around here?
Tono : Yes, there is. It's Mawar Hotel.
Mr. Blake : ... is it from here?
Tono : Just 2 blocks.
a. How far
b. How near
c. How distant
d. How fast

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