Friday, April 25, 2008

Physics Prediction for UAN SMP 2008

posting below is contain Physics Prediction and practice for SMP (Junior High School) 2008,contain 4 page with 20 number of problems, at the last page you 'll also can find the right answer.
the problems are about :
atom, electron, proton and neutron principal
equilibrium of mass
basic force and work concept
Basic gas and ideal gas equation (PV=nRT)
Molecule of sulfat acid (asam sulfat)
and other's

this file also can be download at Open Knowledge and Education Portal of Indonesia (

to read more at embed object below your browser must have installed adobe flash player 9. if your browser doen't support with flash player 9, don't worry you can also download at or at

read below to learn more
Read this doc on Scribd: Prediksi Fisika UAN SMP


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