Thursday, June 12, 2008

Complete UAN test 2005 for SMA, SMK

Complete UAN test for year 2005, both SMA (senior high School) and SMP (junior high school), the list UAN test below are all major include for SMK, and SMA Special Language School (SMA Jurusan Bahasa),

All file store at server (the official National education department server for UAN test in Indonesia), and file format is pdf. please make sure yoour computer have installed pdf reader software to read the file.

"berikut adalah soal UAN 2005, dalam format pdf"

please click each link to download

Senior High School (SMA/SMK Bahasa)
- Indonesia Language (Bahasa Indonesia) UAN test 2005
- English Language
- Arabic Language
- German Language

Senior High School Science Program (SMA IPA)
- Indonesia Language
- English Language
- Mathematics

Senior High School Social Program (SMA IPS)

- Indonesia Language
- English Language
- Economics

Senior High School Special Program (SMK)

- Indonesia Language
- English Language
- Mathematics TI


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