Monday, June 23, 2008

Try Out IPA for UAN SD 2008 (Elementary School)

Based on work of LPP IPM on Magetan, with their kindness share test sheet of IPA (ilmu pengetahuan alam) for Elementary School (SD).
This test is very good for SD student (siswa SD) so they can learn more, and more ready to doing UAN test.

IPA (ilmu pengetahuan alam) or Science major for elementary School is the basic science education, student can learn about photosynthesis, milky way galaxy, Sun Energy, basic geography like continent, sea, mountain structure, basic biology, anatomy of tree, anatomy of human body, basic animal like mammalians, aves, reptile, and fish

Download the Tryout of IPA UAN SD 2008

file type is pdf

or you can learn online here by looking at embed object below
Read this document on Scribd: IPA SD prediksi 2008


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