Tuesday, February 26, 2008

English Test Exercise for UAN SMA 2008

English language is are one of major problems in UAN for Senior High School in Indonesia, like the others major, more you take exercise by try to answers various type of English language problems. you will more ready to get and pass the UAN.

This English test exercise consists of 50 number of problems, with 9 reading test, then grammar test, sentence test, main idea of paragraph test, vocabulary and others.
The reading theme are
1. Columbus of Cosmos, Yuri Gargarin.
2. Aeroplane
3. Software and Computer Relation.
4. Chloroplasts of plants.
5. Carbohydrates and diet effect.
6. Caffeine.
7. Napoleon Bonaparte.
8. Habits and Time.
9. Pilot and weathers.

1. then Look the sample grammar test below
I told Him ...
a. to take the first turning to the left.
b. take the first turning to left.
c. you take the first turning to left.
d. taking the first turning to the left.
e. that he takes the first turning to the left.

2. a few days after the interview, i received a letter ..... me the job.
a. he offered.
b. offered.
c. being offered.
d. offering.
e. it was offering.

English test exercise for UAN SMA 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

English Prediction Test UAN for SMP 2008

this prediction test for UAN (UJIAN AKHIR NASIONAL) 2008 is based on works i-solution with consists of 40 number problems, although this test written for UAN 2007, it's still good for learn and preparation UAN/UN test in 2008.

the reading problem are :
1. advantage and disadvantage living at crowded city
2. How Newspaper company prepare, get, manage and sold the news.
3. Tree as largest plants.

at this test beside reading you also able to learn, English grammar, structure, phrase and sentence.

prediksi UAN SMP 2007/2008

file type is pdf, please be patient when downloading, the file size is about 194 kb

Mathematics Test UN for Elementary School (SD) 2004

at this post you can download test for Ujian Nasional, in 2004 UN (Ujian Nasional) is EBTANAS, this mathematics test for elementary school can became prediction for 2008, read it carefully, try to solve the problems. in mathematics test UN for elementary school 2004 consists of 50 number.
which 15 number are essay and 35 number are pilihan ganda

at this soal/test Ujian Akhir Nasional 2004 consits of complete mathematics for Elemtary School (sekolah dasar)


the other test file is taken from 1986 in EBTANAS, with contain more than 49 number of mathematics problems for Elementary School (Sekolah dasar), by learning and practicing more test or exam material, it will make more confidence to take UAN/UN 2008, download it by clicking link below


file type is pdf, make sure your computer have installed pdf reader

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Prediction For Bahasa Indonesia UAN SMA 2008

this prediction, consists of 25 number of Indonesian language problems, this article written special to prepare Final exam for junior high school in Indonesia, begin with reading test, then Indonesian language grammar, sentence problems, old and new Indonesian literature.

by learning a lot of prediction exam, learning test and others sample test for UAN is very useful for your preparation in UN/UAN 2008


to learn more, download it first, by click link above then open it using pdf reader, such as foxit reader or adobe acrobat reader.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

UN Prediction for Elementary School (SD) 2008

Elementary school was formerly the name given to publicly funded schools in England which provided a basic standard of education for working class children aged from five to 14, the then school leaving age. They were also known as industrial schools. (wikipedia.org)

in Indonesia Elementary School must taken by all children about 6 years, after take Elementary School (Sekolah Dasar) all children have same opportunity to enter Yunior High School (Sekolah Menengah Pertama / SMP), but SD student must pass UAN/UN exam (Ujian Akhir Nasional) to enter Yunior High School

You can download prediction (Prediksi) of UAN / UN at this post,

at this soal/test prediction Ujian Akhir Nasional consits of complete prediction for Elemtary School (sekolah dasar)

Mathematics (Matematika)
Bahasa Indonesia
Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam


be patient when donlowing, file is enough big 400 kb
this prediction test based on work of SSC (SONY SUGEMA COLLEGE)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Soal - Chemistry (Prediksi - Kimia) Test Prediction for UAN 2008

UAN or Ujian Akhir Nasional will held soon, this test prediction of chemistry (prediksi kimia) is very useful to make you more ready and confident in UAN 2008, just click at the link at last of posting, you will download soal test Prediction of chemistry for UAN 2008.

the test contains various major problems like :

1. Matter, changes, energy and measurement
2. Atomic structure and periodicity
3. Chemical bonding, formulas and naming of compounds
4. Problem solving and chemical quantities
5. Chemical reactions and stoichiometry
6. States of matter and the gas laws
7. Water, aqueous solutions and properties of solutions
8. Reaction rates and equilibrium
9. Acids, bases, salts and neutralization
10. Oxidation-reduction reactions
11. The chemistry of metals and nonmetals
12. Nuclear chemistry
13. Hydrocarbon compounds, functional groups and organic reactions.

this prediction soal or test classify based from previous soal or test of UAN, and based from curriculum of Senior High School in Indonesia,


this test prediction based from work of sebarin.com

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