Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Soal UN, Ujian Nasional Bahasa Ingris SMA 2007 & kisi UN 2010

Soal English Language for Junior high school in 2007,include kisi-kisi soal Ujian Nasional for English language in 2010, this test consists of 15 number listening problems and 35 reading problems, total 50 number with 11 text reading,

Download Bahasa Ingris 2007 + Kisi UN SMA 2010

below some sample problem with text
Text 6.
This text is for questions 28 to 31.
The police thought that two burglars started the robbery at 151 Pattimura street on Sunday afternoon.
The burglars broke into the students' room while they were going to a football game. They never thought that while they were away, burglars would break into their boarding house.

What happened to the students' room on Sunday afternoon?
A. The police broke it.
B. The police ruined it.
C. Burglars broke into it.
D. Two burglars broke it.
E. The students started to ruin it.

The burglars broke into the room when the students...
F. were at a party
G. were taking a rest
H. were playing football
I. were at a football game
J. were watching football on TV

The students seem to think that ...
A. they had locked their room
B. their boarding house was not safe
C. their boarding house was in a safe area
D. thieves would easily break into their room
E. there would be a robbery in their boarding house

or read online below, and download it when you like

soal bahasa ingris SMA UN 2007 -


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