Sunday, February 14, 2010

UN (ujian nasional) Prediction Bahasa Indonesia for SMP 2010

Bahasa Indonesia in Ujian Nasional have 50 number of test practice, we will try provide those 50 prediction and test practice, now in this post we provide 15 number first, this prediction base on Kisi-kisi soal UN, and we take from previous year of test, from 2005 until 2009.

Download prediksi UN Bahasa Indonesia SMP 2010

this prediction and practice test, also include answer and solving problems, some sample problem are
1. Pantun and Puisi (Indonesian cultural poem)
2. Tajuk, fact and opinion.
3. reading news
4. understanding of headline in news paper.
5. step by step to make something
6. understanding graphic and table of statistics
7. congratulation, and others

online reading in full view

you can also read online this test in embed object below
latihan soal UN bahasa Indonesia SMP 2010


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