Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kumpulan Soal UAN, UN SMP 1997-2007 Science Subject (IPA)

silahkan download kumpulan soal untuk SMP IPA, science program for junior high school in Indonesia consist of 3 main program : Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, all those subject include question of National Exam available on this posting.

E-Learning based from this blog, consists various subject, you can browse it by clicking menu of category that available.

lessons for junior high among other tested
-respiratory system in animals and humans, kind of, how the system works
- The concept of evolution in animals, such as differences in beak shape.
- photosynthesis
- Phenotype and genotype in plants
- The basics of the science of genetics
- Fundamental physics, such as noise, newton law
- Electric, magnetic, magnetic earth, vibration
- Pest animals and plants
- Basic chemicals such as atoms, chemical reactions, etc.

More download at the following link


Download on each file, just click on embed object below

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