Monday, December 12, 2011

English Language for SMP

Soal Bahasa Ingris untuk SMP,
For about English, about being tested is a very basic and based on everyday conversation, but it's a matter of the article, guess the paragraph is also found in all matter uan starting from 2000 to 2007
Here some example of Soal UAN English Language

X : Get up, please. Riko.
Y : In a minute, Mom. I'm still sleepy.
X : Come on. Have a shower right now, or you'll be
late for school.
Where does the dialogue take place?
A. In the office
B. At home
C. In class
D. In the library

"Her bright skin, chubby cheeks, and lovely smile ..."
The underlined word can mean ...
A. white
B. black
C. brown
D. brownish

The Lamb and the Wolf
One day the wolf was slaking his thirst at a
stream when he chanced to see a lamb, also drinking, at
some distance down the stream.
Outraged, he growled, "You are muddying my
drinking water, now I shall eat you."
The lamb protested, "But, Sir, how can I be
muddying your drinking water? I am farther down
stream than you are. The water is flowing from your
part of the stream to where I am."
"Upstream or downstream, your drinking is
muddying my water, and I shall eat you." So saying,
the wolf leaped upon the lamb and devoured him.

Where did the story happen?
A. On the river.
B. In the forest
C. In the jungle
D. At the zoo.

The following facts made the wolf get angry with the
lamb, except ...
A. the lamb muddied the water
B. the wolf wanted to eat the lamb
C. the lamb drank at the same stream
D. the lamb protested him

for complete exam UAN, please download it on following link


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