Friday, March 27, 2009

mathematics prediction for UASBN -SD 2009

below as we promise we like to give some prediction for elementary school (Ujian Nasional UASBN - SD), for 2009, this prediction include answer and how to solve the mathematics problems, consist of 20 number from 40 number that we want to publish. download it by clicking link below

Prediction Ujian Nasional SD (UASBN 2009) Mathematics

file type is pdf, so make sure your computer was installed by pdf reader, the fil size about 400 kb, you grand to copy along the copy right, footer and header is still on the document.

feel free to contact us, another prediction for UASBN will upload as soon as possible


Iwan Gunawan said...

Saya sediakan 7 paket prediksi UASBN sd 2010 untuk masing-masing materi pelajaran (Matematika, IPA dan Bahasa Indonesia) di

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