Monday, March 16, 2009

prediction and answer (pembahasan) soal Ujian Nasional SMP 2009 Bahasa Ingris

below as the request is prediction for Ujian Nasional 2009 V.1 it means only 15 number of soal, we will upload number 16-30 next day, we hope all number until 60 can be upload on this week, just stay in this website

download those prediction by click link below

Prediksi and Pembahasan Bahasa Ingris Soal Ujian Nasional 2009 SMP
prediction no 1-15 you can practice about:
greeting,main paragraf test,thanks expression,apologize expression,prural sentences,to be,some grammar like verb.Ing.
This document prediction include soal,answer,kisi-kisi,pembahasan

for example
12. The woman is a teacher.
The plural form of the sentence is
a. the woman are teachers
b. the woman is a teacher
c. the women are teachers
d. the women are teacher

13. Intan : Mom, can I go to the zoo next Sunday?
Mother : I’m afraid you can’t. We ... …your grandmother next Sunday.
a. visit
b. visited
c. have visited
d. are going to visit

14. Lia is 15 years old. Ami is 16 years old. It
means Lia is …… than Ami.
a. taller c. older
b. shorter d. younger


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